Caves n’ Chasms is a mobile platformer with a unique drag-and-tap control scheme. It blends adventure RPG elements with light puzzling.

In Cn’C, the protagonist “Digger” is trapped underground by a mysterious floating head, and ordered to search for treasures. Several special tools are given to destroy blocks and monsters, including a magical drill, dynamite and spike traps. 

Available on iOS and Android now, for $3.99. No IAP!

Cool Features

  • 30+ hand-designed levels with quests
  • Character upgrades using discovered resources
  • Monsters & combat
  • Unique feature: Traps and environmental hazards (like explosive blocks) are emphasized over direct combat

Promo Trailer

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About Chronicle Games

  • Started in late 2013
  • Based in the US, Philippines and Taiwan
  • ... that's with 2 core team + freelancers. Indie as heck!