You are Grey, a voracious, stub-winged dragon from nowhere in particular. Your endless appetite for hamburgers will take skill and finesse to feed: to catch your greasy prey, you must dodge bomber fish, pyro lobsters, and the venomous starfish from hell. Touch a fish, and it’s game over. Dragon Snack is a decidedly unique arcade game, designed to be difficult and addicting.


  • Somewhat retro, somewhat modern, entirely fun pixel art style
  • Pick it up and put down play - perfect for the train, bus, or toilet
  • Unique play styles! Navigate the falling fish with your own terrible strategy
  • iOS Game Center and Google Play Game Services leaderboards & achievements
  • 3 environments with progressive difficulty

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About Chronicle Games

  • Started in late 2013
  • Based in the US, Philippines and Taiwan
  • ... that's with 3 people. Indie as heck!